10th Annual Junk Jaunt – September 27-29th

Experience Nebraska’s 300+ mile yard sale on September 27, 28, and 29, 2013.  Vendors during the 10th Annual Junk Jaunt will appear along the Sandhills Scenic Byway and the Loup Rivers Scenic Byway selling everything from farm tools to fine china.

Junk Jaunt Map

If you are interested in being a vendor during the Junk Jaunt, registration information can be found here. The fee is $15 ($30 if more than 15 words are used in your vendor description) – be sure to return your registration by August 10th to ensure your sale will be listed in the Shopper Guide.

If your will be looking for treasure, rather than selling it, during the Junk Jaunt, be sure to purchase a Shopper Guide which will help you plan your route. You may also want to study these helpful shopping tips.

Businesses…the Junk Jaunt is a great opportunity to capture a segment of customers that may not have been aware of your business before.  You have the opportunity to advertise in the Shopper Guide which has the potential to reach over 20,000 Junk Jaunters!  Information on advertising options can be found here.  Remember, Junk Jaunters will also be hungry and need to fill up with fuel.

Volunteer Coordinators are still needed for the North Loup and Elyria areas.  Coordinators duties are not difficult – you just need access to email.  A copy of the Coordinator’s job description can be requested by contacting Peggy Haskel at the phone number of email address listed below.

For any questions regarding the 10th Annual Junk Jaunt, please contact Peggy Haskel at (308) 346-4815 or email

Be sure to visit their website ( and follow their Facebook page.

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