2010 Local Census Numbers Released

2112. That’s Ord’s new population, down from 2,269 in 2000. Ord’s latest census count is in and the news is mildly positive for Ord and Valley County (if you can call slowed decline positive!). Valley County was down from 4,647 in 2000 to 4,260 in 2010 for a total loss of 387 in ten years. While the media has yet to release town-by-town data, if you can figure out the new American Fact Finder, you can produce the data yourself. We’ve done the dirty work and you can download a copy of Ord’s population numbers here.

So, what is the caveat of good news faced with continued declining population? We’ve arrested 10-plus percent decline for the first time since 1970. 40 years. In ten short years we’ve nearly halved the declination rate that has been double digits for 40 years and as a whole a 90 trend for the county. There are glimmers of hope; the challenge for us to keep this momentum moving forward. While Valley County is slightly down, our northerly neighbors in Garfield County are UP – I’d call that a lake-effect! Congrats to those hardworking folks in Burwell and the surrounding area – one of the very, very few rural counties to see growth.

The folks over at the Census have provided all the fun embed data to *show* you the information on a county by county basis. Check it out:

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