2010 Ord Option Recap

The first installment of the Ord Option has been a success for the Ord Area Chamber of Commerce’s buy local campaign.  The most conservative estimate illustrates the campaign contributed to over $37,500 spent locally during the four month duration of the campaign which helps contribute to the long-term economic vitality of Ord and the surrounding area. 

Congratulations to all of the Ord Option winners.  The winners received prizes of Ord Area ChamberBucks as follows:  

September, $500 – Gale Studnicka
October, $250 – Jeanie Lewin
November, $250 – Kathy Riebschlager
December, $500 – Sheila Adamek
Festival of Trees, $150 – Pam Kokes
Festival of Trees, $150 – Vivian Patrick

Caleb Pollard presenting December's Ord Option winner, Sheila Adamek, with $500 in Ord ChamberBucks

The Ord Area Chamber would like all of the local businesses who participated in the Ord Option campaign, and most importantly the customers that made the campaign a true success.  By buying locally, you are not only supporting the local businesses in your community, you are strengthening the economic base in a variety of ways: creating new jobs, putting taxes to good use, increasing tourism’s impact, supporting non-profit organizations in the area, as well as investing in the community’s future.   Plans are currently underway for a new Ord Option campaign in the spring of 2011.

3 Responses to “2010 Ord Option Recap”

  1. Heloise C. Bresley Says:

    I don’t go out of town for anything unless it absolutely is not available in Ord. We recently had to go to Kearney for shoes for Dean because they were not available in Ord. One thing we really need is a shoe store, but I realize it would be a tough row to hoe.
    I stopped in to what will be the new H&R Block office today. It will really be a nice addition to the south side of the square. The gal who was at the desk was very nice, and I look forward to their open house. It’s great to have another building on the square occupied. -Heloise

  2. ord-editor Says:

    Thank you Heloise for your comments! I agree – the downtown is shaping up nicely. I promise you when I say 2011 will be a big year for our downtown – changes are coming!

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