That big number above would be our new population count, as the US Census Bureau has now released the 2010 Census results.  As of April 2010, American can claim 308,745,538 people living here in the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave.  The Census, as you know, is required under the US Constitution and is super duper important to our work in economic development.  The census count determines our representation in both the state Unicam and the U.S. House of Representatives.  If you didn’t think yesterday’s announcement that a major portion of the US population continues to shift both south and west, you’d be on the wrong end of an argument.

What wasn’t released was a break-down of a county-by-county count, so we don’t know exactly what our population count in Ord and Valley County is.  What do know is this: migration and growth has slowed considerably because of the recession and Nebraska keeps it’s three congressional districts.  Our neighbor Iowa wasn’t so lucky – they lost a seat.  Texas and Florida were big winners, as was the south in general (14% growth!!!).  One thing to keep in mind – whatever happens on a national level, Nebraska state representation will change immensely in 2011.  Expect major gains in the Elkhorn and Gretna areas and major losses in our smallest state legislative districts.

The graphic below is a pretty awesome interactive state-by-state comparison.  We’ll be crowing about our population  numbers, for better or for worse, as soon as we get them.  Keep your fingers crossed in the meantime – either way, these figures are pretty important stuff.

Update: PBS Newshour has a fascinating dialogue and analysis on the population numbers. You can have a peek here.

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