A New Year for School-to-Work

The new school year is in session which means another year of the School-to-Work program is underway. We recently posted about the role local business owners and community members play in creating valuable experiences for local students which may ultimately influence their decision to remain in or return to the Valley County community.

The Ord Area Chamber of Commerce and Valley County Economic Development offer their support by assisting with the student-business matches each semester to ensure the students receive a meaningful, real-world experience in the career field or type of business they have an interest in pursuing. We also strive to make sure each match is meaningful for the business as their productivity and efficiency may increase by having the additional workforce during the semester and may ultimately lead to a part-time summer employee or full-time employee at some point down the road.

During the first few days of the semester, STW students had the opportunity to learn ways to communicate their “awesomeness” with resumes and cover letters with Kayla Hinrichs, Nebraska Extension Educator.


The students also explored what their real passion was with Jodi Sell of Glow Leadership. Discovering their real passion led to the realization of qualities and traits they can communicate on their resumes and cover letters and during interviews.

During one of the final prep days for the STW semester, the students learned about soft skills with Crystal Ramm, Manager of the Central Community College Ord Learning Center. They discovered that soft skills such as communication, integrity, work ethic and grit were equally valuable to employers as measurable, hard skills. They put this notion into practice with the Marshmallow Challenge.

Dozens of local businesses take interest in being a part of this meaningful program each semester and it is because of the supportive business community that our area has such a strong school-business-community connection that undeniably offers local students valuable experiences during their time in their hometown. If you would like to learn more about the School-to-Work program or other ways the Ord Area Chamber & VCED support youth entrepreneurship and youth retention, feel free to contact our office at (308) 728-7875.

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