An Opportunity of a Lifetime to Create a Legacy

An opportunity of a lifetime has been bestowed upon Valley County! The Valley County Community Foundation Fund (VCCFF) is thrilled to announce The Vibrant Future Fund Endowment Campaign!

The goal of the campaign is to raise $500,000 in unrestricted endowment funds. Once this goal is achieved, The Sherwood Foundation of Omaha will grant the VCCFF an additional $250,000 in matching funds. In other words, for every $2.00 donated in unrestricted gifts to the permanent endowment by December 31, 2018, The Sherwood Foundation will grant $1.00 in unrestricted funds to the permanent endowment, up to a maximum of $250,000.  The immediate impact of an additional $750,000 in our unrestricted endowment will increase annual granting by $35,000; significantly improving and enhancing our county-wide community.

The VCCFF Advisory Committee became aware of The Sherwood Foundation/Nebraska Community Foundation initiative to increase unrestricted endowment funds in rural communities during the fall of 2013. To qualify for The Sherwood Foundation challenge grant, the VCCFF participated in a competitive application process along with 15 other community foundation funds in rural Nebraska. The Valley County Community Foundation Fund was one of only four rural community funds selected for the 2015-2018 Challenge.

Now, the VCCFF is on an exciting journey of building our unrestricted endowment, which we have named, The Vibrant Future Fund! A powerful benefit of The Vibrant Future Fund for Valley County is that gifts to the endowment not only last forever, they increase in size. The principle of the endowment will remain intact forever and under current financial conditions, a gift of $100,000 to the unrestricted endowment will, in twenty years, result in growth of the endowment to $180,000, even after paying out $120,000 of earnings in cumulative high impact grants.  Endowment granting can support numerous worthy causes such as: education, youth engagement, leadership development, entrepreneurial endeavors, arts and cultural experiences, community infrastructure and newcomer attraction, to name a few. Since 2011, the VCCFF has invested in the people of Valley County with over $130,000 in community grants. Imagine the progress to be made with an additional $35,000 per year in local charitable funding!

A strong unrestricted endowment will empower Valley County with a foundation of security and the ability to dream big! By contributing to the endowment, a donor will help the community address pressing issues as they arise and capitalize on opportunities for community growth and improvement. As one Fund donor describes it, “Giving to the unrestricted endowment is like contributing to an insurance policy for the future of our community.”

The VCCFF is an affiliated fund of the Nebraska Community Foundation which provides an umbrella for 501(c)3 public charity status, financial management, strategic development and educational services. NCF has met all national standards ensuring advantages in both safekeeping and independent auditing of endowment accounts and all sub-accounts of our Fund.

Each member of the VCCFF Advisory Committee has pledged a contribution to this endowment campaign totaling $200,000. Additionally, the VCCFF has secured contributions and pledges from generous donors exceeding over $300,000 in cumulative funds. By contributing to a Fund with strong leadership, broadly defined community goals and sound financial management; a donor can have confidence that the future of our county-wide community will be well served by the Valley County Community Foundation Fund. Now is the time to work together to meet the $500,000 goal of The Vibrant Future Fund through December 2018! Your investment in this campaign will ensure Valley County is a great place to call home and a vibrant rural leader for decades to come!

In celebration of this amazing opportunity to create a powerful Legacy of unrestricted endowment funds, the Valley County Community Foundation Fund Advisory Committee invites the public to join us for a free concert by The BlueStem Band at The Golden Husk on September 30th at 7:00 p.m.

To learn more about the VCCFF visit their webpage, like their Facebook page or call the VCCFF office at (308) 730-8133. Together we hold the future in our hands as we create this powerful legacy to give back to the future!

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