Arcadia Exploring Upgrades to Parks & Recreation

Ord is more than just a community. It is part of a county-wide community boasting an exceptional quality of life, distinctly proactive communities, and a wealth of opportunities to live, work, and play. Several months ago, Valley County Economic Development (VCED) staff began working with members of the Arcadia Village Board to pursue grant funding to update the restrooms and concession facility at Bud Owens Field. During that process, VCED staff had the opportunity to visit with several stakeholders, including coaches, volunteers, teachers and parents of young children.

The feedback received produced a pattern: stakeholders have a lot of ideas about other improvements to the park system in Arcadia. The improvements suggested would make the park and ball fields more usable for residents and more attractive to visitors and families considering a move to Arcadia. This injection of ideas from community stakeholders led the Board of Trustees to determine that a more strategic recreational development plan is needed. Such a plan would not only ensure all opportunities are explored but also make the Village more competitive when pursuing grant funding.

The Village of Arcadia Board of Trustees invites Arcadia residents and stakeholders to join them for a community discussion about the future of parks and recreation opportunities for residents of the Village of Arcadia. This town hall discussion will take place at the Arcadia Community Center, 230 N Hawthorne Street, on Wednesday, January 11, 2017 at 7:00 p.m. 

Please consider joining with community stakeholders to discuss the current parks and recreation system and to identify opportunities for future recreational development in Arcadia. Questions can be directed to Trevor Lee at (308) 728-7875 or Rosmarie Ritz at (308) 789-6552.


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