Big Impacts Come From Holiday ChamberBucks Drawings

It pays to shop local! That was certainly the case for ten local shoppers that participated in the recent Holiday ChamberBucks Drawings sponsored by the Ord Area Chamber of Commerce.

The ten lucky winners of the 2019 drawings were Kristen Ryschon, Lorraine Smith, Shelley Boyce, Janet Vavra, Jen Horton, Skye Griess, Mary Ross, Shannon Dabney, Betty Dubas, Sharon Iwanski.

Throughout the end of November and most of December, local shoppers could submit their receipts from any Chamber business for a chance to win one of ten drawings for $100 in Ord Area ChamberBucks.

The 2019 promotion resulted in the biggest numbers to date!

A total of 111 participants submitted 631 entries for the 2019 drawings, compared to 67 participants and 523 entries in 2018. Submitted receipts totaled $37,125 in local spending at 37 Ord Area Chamber businesses during the four-week time frame, compared to just $26,978 spent in 2018.

In addition to the shop local messaging and promotion of Chamber businesses this campaign generated, the Ord Area Chamber of Commerce also invested a total of $1,000 in ChamberBucks prizes which will be circulated right back into the local business community.

Although there were only ten winners as part of the Holiday ChamberBucks Drawings, we all win when we choose to shop local.

When we shop local, we support local business owners and their employees as well as public amenities like parks and roads. When we keep our dollars at home we enable local businesses to support the local youth groups and non-profit organizations that we care about and we help generate resources and support for new business start-ups and business transitions.

When we choose to shop local, we’re choosing to invest in the greater good of our community.

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