Bike Trail Investigation, Redux.

We wanted to pass along an update on the bike trail feasibility effort that we are investigating in partnership with our friends in Burwell. This morning, we will be presenting our research to the County Supervisors as we seek their blessing in moving forward with a grant request. This comes after a very positive meeting with our regional Nebraska Department of Roads district last week.

No ORDinary Adventure Race 2009

No ORDinary Adventure Race 2009

If we receive the blessing of Valley and Garfield Counties, then you’ll see a multi-community effort request funding to develop a bike trail between Burwell and Ord. As it stands, we will likely pursue the old railroad trail bed as the likely location for such a trail. This project looks to be a long-term development that will likely be resource heavy (translation: expensive). While it may cost quite a bit in resources initially, both Chamber and Economic Development offices from Garfield and Valley Counties feel this could be a *huge* economic boost to our growing tourism industry in the Loup Valley (remember my example of Lanesboro, Minnesota?). In addition, we also feel this would promote “green” commuting between the communities along with improving health and wellness in our area. We see this as a significant benefit for our communities to continue to grow together.

So, I would recommend that you keep checking back for updates – we’ll keep you up-to-date with the effort, and more importantly, we need volunteers to help keep this effort moving forward. If you are interested, don’t hesitate to contact us at Keep your fingers crossed!

2 Responses to “Bike Trail Investigation, Redux.”

  1. Kayla Beethe Says:

    That would be incredible! We love the existing trail but always bemoan the fact that it doesn’t go at least to Elyria. Burwell would be better yet! Thank you for all of your work in promoting this endeavor!

  2. ord-editor Says:

    Thanks Kayla – we’ll see what happens. No guarantees on success but we are certainly looking at funding options with a green light from DOR. That alone is a HUGE step toward a green light for the project.

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