Business Visitation Program Report Released

(Ord, NE) – Valley County Economic Development has released the results of the 2011 Business Visitation Program.

Each year, Valley County Economic Development calls on twenty area businesses to understand several business climate factors. Those factors include: recent business achievements, business needs, local workforce factors, community strengths and weaknesses, community service and utility satisfaction, legislative policy and demographic indicators.

Valley County Economic Development has been conducting the business visitation program since 2000. This program is essential to creating economic and community development strategies to improve our local businesses’ ability to be successful.

Specifically in 2011, VCED surveyed local businesses deemed “transfer-ready or near retirement”. In 2010, VCED surveyed the area retail community. In 2009, VCED called on the financial services industry to understand the fallout of the national recession.

Economic stability and growth was evident in the 2011 report. According to local businesses, 59% reported stable sales, with 18% seeing growth. 47% of local businesses also reported that the average value of each sale remained stable, with 41% seeing growth.

Additionally, 88% of local businesses surveyed stated that employment needs were stable, with 12% expecting growth in employment. No businesses surveyed indicated a reduction in employment needs.

State and national legislative changes continue to worry local employers. An overwhelming 73% of businesses surveyed anticipate changes that will adversely affect their business.

To learn more, the 2011 Business Visitation program report can be downloaded here.

For more information, contact Caleb Pollard, Valley County Economic Development and Ord Area Chamber Executive Director at (308) 728-7875 or


2 Responses to “Business Visitation Program Report Released”

  1. Preston Van Dyke Says:

    Is this event open to the public or only the information/data derived from the visitation?

  2. ord-editor Says:

    I’m not sure I’m following you Preston. The information obtained for this report was done so in private meetings with business. Those meetings were held in July. As for the photo contest, that is open to the public.

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