Celebrate Earth Day By Recycling!

The Ord FBLA Chapter is working to turn ORD’S TRASH TO TREASURE by encouraging our schools, businesses, and residents to recycle!  The FBLA Chapter launched their recycling efforts last October and they have seen a steady increase of participation throughout the year.

According to Jennifer Remmereid, Ord FBLA Coach, the school’s recycling trailer is filling within 2 to 3 days each week!  Ms. Remmereid stated “Recycling has become a project for our whole school.  Students are working hard to collect paper, tin and aluminum, plastics, and cardboard materials at the schools.  We are thrilled that businesses and residents are also using the trailer.  Every can, bottle, and newspaper we recycle will be made into a productive material instead of lying in a landfill!”

This truck and FBLA recycling trailer are full of approximately 4,500 pounds of recyclable materials!

Currently school and community volunteers are hauling the trailer to a recycling center in Grand Island.  The FBLA is working with community leaders to identify opportunities for increasing recycling efforts in Valley County.  Every time the recycling trailer fills, the community is keeping approximately 4,500 pounds of materials out of landfills.

National Earth Day is celebrated on April 21st.  The Ord FBLA Chapter encourages everyone to honor the day by practicing RECYCLING!  There are currently two recycling trailers in the city of Ord.  The FBLA’s trailer is located in the east parking lot of Ord High School.  The other trailer is located at the Valley County Fairgrounds.  People can bring plastics #1-7, tin and aluminum cans, paper (newspaper, junk mail, magazines, phone books,) and cardboard to the recycling trailers.

The Ord FBLA is partnering with the Valley County Community Foundation and community leaders to identify additional ways to promote and practice recycling in our area.  To learn more and to offer ideas about recycling, contact Jennifer Remmereid at Ord High School or Dahn Hagge, coordinator of the Valley County Community Foundation Fund at 308-728-7875.

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