Chamber Board Working for Greater Good

We all live, work, play and give in this community for a reason. Maybe you choose to live in Valley County because of ties to the land or family. Maybe you chose to launch your business in Valley County because of the centralized, thriving business community. Maybe you’re choosing to raise your family in Valley County because of the safe environment or quality school systems.

Whatever the reason, we’ve all chose to be a part of this community which means we have a common desire for our area. We want to see our community grow and thrive so we can enjoy an exceptional quality of life.  

We want access to products and services, we want culture and entertainment, we want fellow business owners to flourish, we want aesthetic streetscapes, we want opportunities for our children, we want a fulfilling life.

The Ord Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors is an active and impactful group of leaders that contribute to the opportunities and environment we all desire for our progressive, rural community.

The Chamber of Commerce provides resources and opportunities for local businesses to excel and serves as a resource for residents and newcomers who ask where they can shop, find a job and get involved. The Ord Area Chamber encourages a shop local mentality among regional residents and supports tourism activities that bring external dollars into our community. The Chamber of Commerce supports and promotes community events that contribute to memorable activities and an exceptional quality of life.

If you are interested in being a part of an organization that creates and offers these opportunities for the businesses, residents and visitors of Valley County, contact the Ord Area Chamber office to learn about serving on the Chamber Board of Directors. New three-year Chamber board terms begin in January. At lease five board member seats must be filled to begin the new year in 2018.

Your positive voice and active participation will perpetuate resources and opportunities the Ord Area Chamber of Commerce offers for the greater good of the Valley County area.

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