Chamber of Commerce Recruiting Board Members for New Term

It’s inspiring to be a part of an effort that is helpful to others. A movement that creates positive impacts. A network that people want to be a part of.

The Ord Area Chamber of Commerce strives to achieve each of those things. The volunteer board of directors works to “sustain our quality, retain our youth and grow our community” by serving as a resource for businesses, residents and non-profits and being an active promoter of the businesses, amenities and destinations in the Valley County area.

Each Valley County business owner and resident has chosen to be a part of this community which means we have a common desire for our area. We want to see our community grow and thrive so we can enjoy an exceptional quality of life. We want access to products and services, we want culture and entertainment, we want fellow business owners to flourish, we want aesthetic streetscapes, we want opportunities for our children, we want a fulfilling life.

The Ord Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors is a proactive and impactful group of leaders that contributes to the opportunities and environment we all desire for our progressive, rural community.

If you’re ready to be a part of an active group of leaders, are willing to share your ideas and vision for our community’s future and take ACTION to make those ideas a reality, consider volunteering as a member of the Ord Area Chamber of Commerce.

New three-year terms begin January 1, 2019. A minimum of two and a maximum of six new board members will be welcomed in the new year.

Chamber board members must be affiliated with a member of the Ord Area Chamber of Commerce, commit to attend board meetings on the second Tuesday of each month at noon, commit to taking an active role in Chamber committees and be a positive ambassadors for the Chamber of Commerce and Valley County area.

Your positive voice, commitment to showing up and willingness to take action will be a powerful force for growth of the local community.

Contact Kristina at the Ord Area Chamber office at (308) 728-7875 by October 31, 2018 to learn more about the commitments and roles of a Chamber board member.

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