Christmas Promotions at Local Chamber Businesses

Several local Chamber businesses are participating in the Christmas Promotion campaign during this holiday season.  As noted in the image below, these participating businesses will be open until 7:00 pm each Thursday night in December until Christmas as not only a convenience for their customers but as an incentive for consumers to do their holiday shopping at local businesses. 

Rather than spending time and money traveling to big-box stores in larger cities and having to pay high shipping prices for products purchased online, customers can find many great gifts right here in their own community.  Not only will you be saving time and money, you will also be supporting local business owners, managers, employees, and their families. 

You can download the list of Christmas Promotions here for future reference throughout the month of December.  Remember, you can also earn TRIPLE REWARDS with the Ord Area Option at these and other Chamber businesses between the hours of 4:00 and 7:00 pm each Thursday.

2 Responses to “Christmas Promotions at Local Chamber Businesses”

  1. Kaye Stevens Says:


    Just wanted to state my opinion on the Ord Option Cards. Hearing on the radio that if your name is drawn out of the bag at the Soup Supper and you are present, you win the $250 but if not present you only win $125. What about us people that work a job at night that does not allows us to be present at the Soup Supper? I feel that it is not right that they only get half of the $250. All we hear is “shop in Ord”. Well, then the drawing should be fair to everyone. Not everyone has a bank full of money so they have to work second and third jobs just to pay the bills!


    Kaye Stevens

  2. cpollard Says:

    Greetings Kaye – thank you for your candid feedback. We appreciate it and certainly struggle with how best to reward local shoppers who choose to shop local.

    We are pushing the “be present to win” angle to help increase traffic to downtown during the soup supper because we have downtown businesses with extended holiday hours. It is meant to be supportive of their efforts. I know that this is an inconvenience for those that work at night, which is why we also have a few drawings that do NOT have the requirement to be present to win. I hope you understand our reasoning for it.

    Please let us know if you have additional comments. Thank you!

    ~ Caleb

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