Citizen’s Advisory Committee Meeting Tonight

Twice a year, the citizen’s advisory committee, meets to review the performance of the sales tax program for economic development. The Committee acts as a citizen’s watchdog group to ensure that our program is running efficiently and effectively.

The nature of our program (and by ours I mean yours, mine and all the citizens of Ord) is funded through sales tax receipts and that information is public. You can read the 6-month financial report here, along with June 2011 minutes.

Why is this important? In a few years, the sales tax program is set to sunset. That means without voter reapproval, we won’t have the same resources to devout to economic development projects. I think you’ll agree that when you look at the financials, the impact and publicity such as this, our program is worth keeping around.

More to come – but here’s the devil in the details. As always the tonight’s meeting is open to the public.

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