Curious about SVLA?

SynoVation Valley Leadership Academy is a life changing experience that offers motivating strategies for personal growth and development, allowing you to become an inspiring leader for your family, work and community. We are so excited about the second Academy that is beginning in September 2014 and we decided to celebrate with an SVLA Social!

SVLA Social Invite 2014-2015 Marketing ImageIf you are curious about SVLA and would like to learn more about the program, you are invited to the SVLA Social on Thursday, May 22nd at the Ord Learning Center. Bring a friend or family member and learn about the dynamic Academy that was designed with the Valley County community in mind. The Social begins at 7:00 p.m. with light appetizers and networking with other curious individuals. You will get a chance to meet SVLA’s leadership coach, Dr. Denise Trudeau Poskas, professor of leadership at the University of Minnesota and leadership coach with Blue Egg Leadership.

SVLA is offering the early bird tuition rate for those who attend the May 22nd Social…a $100 discount from the current tuition rate!

Take it from current SVLA participants…you won’t want to pass on the opportunity to be a part of the innovative program that will positively impact your life:

If someone were considering the program, what would you say about the return on investment for their time and/or money?

Everyone needs to take this program even though they do not know it!” Denise

“It is so worth your time and money!” Melanie

“No comparison! My question is “Can you afford not to?” Lisa

“Absolutely worth it!”

“100% worth time and money!”

“It’s worth it, more than worth it, it’s invaluable.”

“Worth every penny! They would not have any doubts at the end. They need to make the time and find the money.”

What have you done in your life or community as a result of this program?

“This program has assisted me, and also the people I work with.  Now, my close colleagues come to me to ask what they might do to communicate better.  I am using the strategies and lessons to build a new volunteer orientation.  I am so engaged in leadership!” Susan

“Prior to this program, I was shy and did not feel confident to even speak up.  I now am
co-leading a MOPS program and getting involved in my community.”

“I realized that I was the one holding onto an old story that was negatively impacting my leadership in this community.  I gave it up and am using the strategies to have positive impacts on others!”

What impacts has the SVLA program had on your leadership?

“I have been much more willing to accept challenges and get involved in my community.”

“Dr. Dee made me realize my potential, that I was holding myself back. I look forward to
my future and the possibilities! I am more confident, hopeful and empowered!” Melanie

“All for the better, this program has also given me great peace in my household!” Dawn

“The strategies have helped me to coach others better.” Cory

“New compassion for everyone’s challenges!” Jason

“I am able now to have confidence about organizing my life.”

“I feel much more confident and less afraid to take on leadership roles! I find myself more aware of my state and when I need to change it!”

A 2014-2015 SVLA application can be downloaded HERE. The application contains information on the session topics, schedule, tuition and other details. Feel free to contact any of the SVLA Core Design team members with any questions you may have.



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