Economic Development Legislation in the Unicam

There is a great deal of upcoming legislation in the Nebraska Unicameral relevant to rural communities and their efforts to maintain population and attract private investment. Last week, I had the pleasure of joining fellow members of the Legislative committee of the Nebraska Economic Developers Association (NEDA) in Lincoln to discuss current bills. A number of proposed laws for economic development saw NEDA take affirmative, oppositional or neutral positions on several issues in 2015. ~Trevor


The NEDA Board of Directors supports the following legislation:

  • LB 457 – (Gloor) Change the Site and Building Development Act and terminate the Industrial Recovery Fund.
  • LB 569 – (Brasch) Change the Business Innovation Act.
  • LB 156 – (Stinner) Change the amount of credits from $3 million to $5 million allowed under the Angel Investment Tax Credit Fund.
  • LB 318 – (Kuehn) Intent to fund planning and development regions.
  • LB 321 – (Bolz) Adopt the Nebraska Industrial New Job-Training Act.
  • LB 395 – (Schilz) Adopt the Nebraska Enterprise Act and authorize grants for economic development projects with priority given to those that will create 100 or fewer jobs.
  • LB 657 – (Hadley) Appropriate funds for state government expenses.  NEDA supports the line item to establish the Nebraska Developing Youth Talent Initiative.
  • LB 36 – (Bolz) Adopt the Community College Gap Assistance Program Act.
  • LB 204 – (Schilz) Provide a nonrefundable tax credit for certain beer manufacturers.


The NEDA Board opposes the following legislation:

  • LB 150 – (Urban Affairs) Redefine terms under Local Option Municipal Economic Development Act.
  • LB 445 – (Groene) Authorize audits of redevelopment plans that use tax increment financing.
  • LB 596 – (Davis) Change the Community Development Law and create the Tax Increment Financing Division of the Auditor of Public Accounts.
  • LB 238 – (Groene) TIF, acquire and infrastructure.
  • LB 565 – (Kuehn) Intent relating to appropriations for education and training in high- need fields.  NEDA supports the concept of the legislation but, opposes the transfer of funds from the Job Training Cash Fund.
  • LB 590 – (Friesen) Changes TEEOSA formula related to tax valuation.
  • LB 382 – (Cook) Change provisions of the Diploma of High School Equivalency Assistance Act. NEDA opposes the transfer of funds from the Job Training Cash Fund.


The NEDA Board will monitor the progress of the following legislation:

  • LB 538 – (Leg. Performance) Change sunset dates and additional auditing of state incentive programs.
  • LB 295 – (Scheer) Require municipalities to have county approval before enforcing ordinance in extraterritorial zoning jurisdiction.

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