Economic Development Legislation in the Unicam

St. Paul Development Corporation Director Mike Feeken provides a recap of the upcoming legislation gaining an official position from the Nebraska Economic Developers Association (NEDA). A number of proposed laws for economic development saw NEDA take affirmative, oppositional or neutral positions on several issues in 2012.

The NEDA Board of Directors SUPPORTS the following legislation:
– LB 830 – Provide a sales and use tax exemption for biochips
– LB 850 – Create the incentive area tax credit program and authorize tax credits
– LB 872 – Change provisions relating to apportionment of income between states
– LB 955 – Appropriate funds to the Department of Economic Development
– LB 983 – Change provisions relating to a research tax credit
– LB 1043 – Eliminate provisions relating to contracts or agreements for discounted rates involving public
power districts
– LB 1075 – Provide for assessment of rent-restricted housing projects by the Property Tax Administrator
– LB 1080 – Provide a property tax exemption and a sales and use tax exemption relating to data centers
– LB 1108 – Change provisions relating to a sales and use tax exemption for manufacturing machinery and
– LB 1115 – Authorize construction and operation of natural gas pipeline facilities by jurisdictional utilities
– LB 1118 – Provide tax incentives for large data center projects
– LB 1055 – Appropriate funds for a Kearney Division nursing and allied health professions facility
– LB 1065 – Appropriate facility construction funds for the Lincoln Division of the University of Nebraska
Medical Center College of Nursing
– LB 1066 – Appropriate funds for planning and design of a veterinary diagnostic laboratory facility
– LB 1089 – Appropriate funds for construction of a cancer research facility

The NEDA Board OPPOSES the following legislation:
– LB 918 – Change provisions of the Community Development Law
– LB 971 – Merge the Department of Labor into the Department of Economic Development
– LB 1017 – Transfer funds to the Affordable Housing Trust Fund
– LB 1098 – Repeal the Build Nebraska Act and change distribution of sales and use tax revenue
– LB 1138 – Change community betterment organization and tax credit provisions under the Community
Development Assistance Act

The NEDA Board will MONITOR the progress of the following legislative bills:
– LB 796 – Adopt the Outdoor Outfitters and Guides Registration Act
– LB 1053 – Create Nebraska Tourism Commission and transfer powers and duties from the Travel and
Tourism Division of the Department of Economic Development
– LB 1110 – Provide for assistance for temporary and permanent housing after a natural disaster
– LB 1132 – Change the Community Development Law

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