Endowments Benefit Valley County

Did you know there is a way to work with others in our communities to ensure Valley County will have permanent savings accounts to provide funding for present and future needs and opportunities?

This option for charitable giving is to support local foundation endowments.  An endowment account acts as a permanent savings account where only interest earned is used to support projects and programs related to each endowed account.  As the endowment grows there will be consistent funding available to support our needs and opportunities in the future!  Right now in Valley County, endowments have been set up to support education, youth, libraries, the hospital, the golf course, churches, leadership development, economic development, community needs and more. 

There are many creative and convenient ways to participate in endowment building.  Financial support can be achieved through cash gifts as well as numerous other tax-wise ways of giving that will benefit Valley County. People can plan gifts of real estate, agricultural commodities, securities, retirement accounts, and other assets. Gifts of any size can make a positive difference in the future of the projects and programs you care about the most.  By offering contributions now and establishing planned gifts in our estate plans we can create a legacy that will last beyond our lifetimes and ensure quality of life for generations to come.

We have much to be thankful for, and a lot of those benefits came from the vision and hard work of those who preceded us.  As supporters of charitable causes here in Valley County, we’ve seen extraordinary examples of people in our communities planting seeds for those who will follow them.

Planning for the future of Valley County through support for local foundations and endowed accounts empowers us to draw on our own resources and vision to safeguard the future of our beautiful area. To learn more about supporting your community through local charitable giving contact the Valley County Community Foundation Fund at 308-728-7875, Valley County Health System Foundation at 308-728-3011, or the Ord Township Library Foundation at 308-728-3012.

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