Extending the Reach of Local Business Globally

Recall the phrase “Think globally, act locally”? Consider this as an effort to act locally by working globally.

The Chamber Promotions Committee and Chamber staff are currently working to integrate local businesses with the new website. is an exclusive benefit for members of the Ord Area Chamber of Commerce. The goal is to provide our local businesses with an innovative new platform to reach new customers, increase sales, present your inventory to local shoppers and extend your reach as a business. This service is now part of the value of Chamber membership.

We pursued this project for one specific reason: our local retail and service trade area lost 6,000 consumers in the last 10 years. Between 2000-2010, our trade area population decreased from 38,000 to 32,000 people. While the major retail and trade hubs in Central Nebraska are either stable or growing, the make-up of the villages and family farms is forcing major changes in retail and service trade. Selling products and services online expands our local trade area from 32,000 people to a global market. Selling products and services online is a necessary step for any retail or service business to maintain long-term viability as a business. Necessary in the fact that the only growth market in national retail markets is found on the world wide web.

If you are a Chamber member, here is what your business will need to get started:
— Photos and descriptions for products and/or services you want to list on
— A PayPal account (if you would like assistance, Chamber staff can help you set up shipping and tax settings)
— An email address (the same email used to set up the PayPal account – this is how you will be notified of online orders, customer questions, etc.)

Chamber staff will then set up an individual account for your business on and provide you with your login information.  We then can arrange a one-on-one training with the members of your business who will be responsible for managing your ecommerce tasks (i.e., uploading product information, fulfilling online orders, shipping products to customers, etc.).

Feel free to contact the Chamber office with any questions about the benefits of, how your business can participate, and how to get started selling your products and services online!

Caleb Pollard –
Kristina Foth –
Office: (308) 728-7875

We hope you use this website to your benefit. Help us make this successful!

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