Holiday ChamberBucks Winners Announced

It pays to shop small! That was certainly the case for ten local shoppers that participated in the Holiday ChamberBucks Drawings sponsored by the Ord Area Chamber of Commerce.

The ten lucky winners of the drawings were Betty Dubas, Linda Volf, Jessica Piskorski, Kelsey Drake, Peg Trubey, Ruth McCain, Linda Nance, Tara Reineke, Amanda Shoemaker and Kate Zangger.

A total of 523 entries were submitted by 67 participants as part of the holiday campaign. Receipts submitted for the drawings came from 37 different Chamber businesses and totaled $26,977.55 in local purchases.

Although there were only ten winners as part of the Holiday ChamberBucks Drawings, we all win when we choose to shop local.

When we shop local, we support the local workforce and public amenities like parks and roads. When we spend our dollars locally we enable local businesses to support local youth groups and non-profit organizations and we help generate resources and support for new business start-ups and business transitions.

When we choose to shop local, we’re choosing to invest in our community.

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