I Love Valley County Survey

Leadership. Entrepreneurship. Youth. Business Development. Education. Economic Development.  All of these aspects have been incorporated into the I Love Valley County campaign in one way or another.  For the past few years, staff from the Ord Area Chamber of Commerce, Valley County Economic Development, and Valley County Community Foundation Fund have been presenting to all Valley County high school seniors about the opportunities to return to their hometown community.  The seniors even receive an I Love Valley County flash drive as a special graduation gift from their community.  The I Love Valley County theme has also spread throughout our social media sites.  We’re even creating an I Love Valley County promotional video.

Now, we have developed an I Love Valley County survey, which you can take HERE.  If you are passionate about Valley County and the people who live here, we encourage you to take this survey, whether you are an alumni, frequent visitor, or current community member.  We look forward to learning why you love to LIVE, WORK, PLAY, and GIVE in Valley County!


If you have any questions about our I Love Valley County campaign and what we are doing to grow our community, feel free to contact us at (308) 728-7875.






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