Invest in Community with Ord Area ChamberBucks

Since 2010, $207,922 of Ord Area ChamberBucks have been purchased with over $43,000 of that purchased in 2014 alone. ChamberBucks are popular gifts during the holiday season but can be purchased and redeemed year-round. From January 2015 through June 2015, an average of $3,271 of ChamberBucks were redeemed by local customers – that’s $3,271 that was spent on a monthly basis at Chamber businesses in support of our local economy!ChamberBucks Photo

Ord Area ChamberBucks ensures every dollar circulates among Chamber businesses. Those businesses may then reinvest that dollar in wages or benefits for their employees, local community donations or expanded growth to better serve local consumers. The local currency also creates community spirit and support by building relationships among local consumers and business owners. Having ChamberBucks in our wallets creates mindful spending habits when consumers are considering where to purchase their groceries, fuel, garden items and other products or services. Not only do ChamberBucks contribute to local business’ profitability, it creates a renewed sense of awareness of the quality products and services local businesses have to offer our community.

Using ChamberBucks is a way to say thank you to the local businesses who invest in membership to the Ord Area Chamber of Commerce. When a business joins the Chamber of Commerce, they contribute to programs that benefit the quality of life in our community and their business also receives numerous benefits that promote and support their business.

ChamberBucks can be conveniently purchased at the Ord Area Chamber office. ChamberBucks are also available on for those who would like to purchase ChamberBucks with a credit card. ChamberBucks are available in $5, $10, $20 and $50 denominations and make perfect gifts for those that are hard to buy for, a simple thank you gesture, employee bonuses, birthday gifts or holiday gifts. Many Chamber businesses also utilize ChamberBucks for their own customer loyalty or reward programs. ChamberBucks can only be redeemed at Chamber businesses and cannot be redeemed for cash. The entire face value of the ChamberBuck should be spent during one transaction. However, change may be given if the change due is less than $1.00. Spending the entire face value of the ChamberBuck on one transaction ensures every dollar is spent locally; however, it is up to each Chamber business, based on their product and service offerings, whether or not they will provide change up to $1.00.

By supporting the ChamberBucks program and local Chamber businesses, and encouraging others to do the same, we can all make an impact for the greater good of the Valley County area.

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