Invest in Valley County’s Greatest Asset


Another exhilarating year of SynoVation Valley Leadership Academy is about to begin! A total of 44 individuals from Ord, North Loup, Arcadia, Burwell, Loup City, Litchfield, Chambers and Omaha will be participating in the Level 1 and Level 2 Academies and each and every one of them have a strong connection with the Valley County area.

The first year of SVLA (2013-2014) produced transformative perspectives, new connections and strengthened leadership for 25 graduates, 20 of which are continuing with the Level 2 Academy. The unique, one-of-a-kind SVLA Final LogoSVLA curriculum was developed with Valley County’s community and culture in mind. The expertise of Dr. Denise Trudeau Poskas, leadership coach and strategist from the University of Minnesota and Blue Egg Leadership Institute, elevated not only Valley County’s SVLA program but the lives of individual participants. SVLA graduates have been empowered to make positive changes for themselves, their family, business and community and have discovered strategies and tools that inspire them to live an outcome-based life filled with purpose by utilizing and honoring their individuals talents and strengths.


SynoVation Valley Leadership Academy was created in response to comments expressed by the local business community during Valley County Economic Development’s annual business visitation program. Local business owners and community members recognized the need to develop and inspire local leaders in order to experience successful leadership transitions in the future – whether it be a transition of a business or the leadership role of a civic organization.

The fact that you are reading this blog post means you have an interest in building our local human capacity and developing our community’s greatest asset our people! Investing in SVLA as a Session Sponsor means you will have a lasting impact on our local community – not only by assisting with immediate session needs but also by supporting a local program that is sure to have a positively powerful impact on the lives of neighbors, friends, family, business owners and volunteers who all make our community an exceptional place to live, work, play and give.


2014-2015 Sponsorship Level Image


While we’re on the topic, the SVLA Core Design Team would like to express sincere gratitude for the 2013-2014 Session Sponsors who’s financial investment helped launch the first-ever SynoVation Valley Leadership Academy:

Change Agent Sponsors: ($750-1,000+)
Valley County Community Foundation Fund
Ord Area Chamber of Commerce
Valley County Economic Development Endowment

Innovation Sponsors: ($500-749)
Springdale Title & Realty

Creation Sponsors: ($250-499)
Dana F. Cole & Company
Sell Service, Inc.
Bank First

Inspirational Friend: ($1-249)
Good Life Health Services
Greg Jensen, Attorney at Law
Premier Pump & Well
Rick’s Electric
Turf Pro Sprinkler Company
Wadas, Inc.
Janie Zadina

Learn more about SVLA here and be sure to follow SVLA on Facebook for continuous updates throughout the next year inspiring Academies.


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