KC Creations Photography – August 2016 Chamber Spotlight

After 10 years of living across the United States, Kellie Carr decided it was time to come home to Burwell and start a new adventure with her mom, Becky. Becky had a lifelong interest in photography and Kellie had developed her skills while working as a journalist and public relations specialist in the horse industry. Photography was a creative outlet and challenging artistic endevor, so together, the mother-daughter team decided to make it a business and do it professionally. Opening their doors in 2011, the pair hit the ground running and haven’t looked back.

Becky & Kellie Carr, KC Creations Owners

Becky & Kellie Carr

Tom & Jennifer Ries Family Resized

Family Photography

“We never dreamed our business would grow as quickly as it did. We were committed to offering a top-notch professional product and worked very hard to develop our own skills. We went through some growing pains over the years, but adding a part-time studio manager helped improve turnaround times and manage our workflow.” In 2014, they were growing and running out of space for their office, order processing and framing so they purchased an old house in Burwell that used to be a mortuary, and have been renovating it ever since. The space is now used for office space, a portrait showroom, a natural light studio on the third floor and the second floor also serves as Kellie’s residence. “We still take most of our photos at the ranch location about 8 miles outside of Burwell but having the two locations has enabled us to grow even more. We are constantly working on our education both as artists and businesswomen.” Kellie is currently working on her PPA (Professional Photographers of America) certification, which would make her one of their Certified Professional Photographers, a distinction held only by those who have demonstrated technical competence through a written examination and photographic image submission. She recently passed her written exam, and is now working on the process of image submission, which can take several months. Her goal is to be a CPP by the end of the year.

Their full-time, year-round professional photography services offer a full-service studio and indoor and outdoor photo areas plus the ability to travel which enables them to meet any photographic need you have. They also specialize in creating heirloom prints. All of their prints (with the exception of wallets) are mounted on a hard backing and printed on silk photographic paper and come with a lifetime guarantee. We also create beautiful custom albums, which are a great way to show off a collection of several images that capture your personality and unique individuality. “We also offer hair and makeup services, all completed by professionals. This does have to be booked in advance but this is a service many of our clients enjoy.”

Isabelle Ritz OHS 2016

Senior Photography

KC Creations Photorgraphy supports our local community through various service projects and believes in supporting other small, local businesses. There is a great quality of life living in this area of Central Nebraska, which is why Kellie chose to move back here after years in big cities like Denver, Fort Worth, Los Angeles and Phoenix. “It’s important that we all help each other out and use local businesses whenever possible. In photography, it’s always a concern, especially to seniors, that they look “different” than everyone else, and that is something in particular we strive for. We try to keep track of the props used by students from each school so that when a classmate comes, their portraits aren’t exactly the same. We love celebrating individuality!”

To leran more about KC Creations Photography, visit their website. You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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