Buy Local: The Ord Option

Think Local – Buy Local – Be Local

You have many options when you choose where to shop.  We encourage you to pursue The Ord Area Option

Research shows that buying locally strengthens the economic base of a community in a variety of ways including putting taxes to good use, investing in the community’s future, creating jobs and increasing services, reducing environmental impact, increasing tourism’s impact, and supporting non-profit organizations of the local area.  The Ord Area Option is a campaign to encourage such benefits.

2010 Ord Area Option Campaign

The first installment of the Ord Option in 2010 was a huge success.  The most conservative estimate illustrates the campaign contributed to over $37,500 spent locally during the four month duration of the campaign.

Shopping in the Ord area paid these customers back in Chamber Bucks!  The monthly prizes were:
– September 2010: $500 in Ord Area Chamber Bucks – Gale Studnicka
– October 2010: $250 in Ord Area Chamber Bucks – Jeanie Lewin
– November 2010: $250 in Ord Area Chamber Bucks – Kathy Riebschlager
– December 2010: $500 in Ord Area Chamber Bucks – Sheila Adamek

2011-2012 Ord Area Option Campaign

The 2011-2012 Ord Area Option campaign was launched on Sunday, October 16.  Guidelines have been updated to reward customers for spending more on their total purchases.  Customers will receive initialed boxes on their Ord Option cards based on the amount of their total purchase:

1 initialed box – $5.00 purchase
2 initialed boxes – $25.00 purchase
3 initialed boxes – $50.00 purchase
4 initialed boxes – $100.00 purchase
One additional box will be initialed for using or presenting your Ord Option shopping bag.

A complete description of Customer Guidelines can be found HERE.
A complete list of participating Chamber businesses can be found HERE.

Special Ord Area Option promotions will be available during Ord’s Christmas Celebration in which customers can receive TRIPLE rewards.  Details can be found on the Customer Guidelines above.

Winners of the 2011-2012 Ord Area Option drawings:
-November 26, 2011: $500 Ord Area ChamberBucks – Sheila Adamek
-December 15, 2011: $250 Ord Area ChamberBucks – Pam Kokes
-December 15, 2011: $125 Ord Area ChamberBucks – Ann Heil
-December 22, 2011: $500 Ord Area ChamberBucks – Frieda Schatz
-February 25, 2012: $500 Ord Area ChamberBucks – Mary Dennis

If you have any questions about the Ord Option, feel free to contact the Ord Area Chamber of Commerce:
Mail: 1514 K Street, Ord, NE 68862
Phone: (308) 728-7875