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SynoVation Valley Leadership Academy (SVLA) is Valley County’s exciting and innovative leadership development program that recognizes breakthrough ideas come from passionate individuals.   The academy is committed to inspiring participants to new personal levels which will positively impact participants as individuals, their family and their community.


SynoVation Valley Leadership Academy is a customized and unique leadership program that goes above and beyond studying different leadership styles and community awareness.  The Level 1 program is a comprehensive and innovative nine month opportunity that will change the way participants look at their abilities, community and leadership skills.

SynoVation Valley Leadership Academy has three grand strategies to inspire change agents:

INSPIRE: SVLA brings new knowledge, ideas and networking opportunities to inspire new perspectives.
CREATE: SVLA introduces new relationships and strategies that will build confidences, direction, aspirations and skills that ignite your leadership passion.
INNOVATE: SVLA fosters and transforms new behaviors and skills to positively impact your life and community.

SVLA does this through action learning, coaching strategies and leadership theories cultivating capacities in the following areas: personal mastery and confidence, emotional intelligence, leadership and followership theory, positive psychology, making positive impacts, happiness and well being, community and youth engagement.

The SVLA youth curriculum has been piloted in Ord and Arcadia schools as an 8th grande course to foster leadership concepts for our local youth. An advanced leadership course has also been implemented at Ord High School. The youth curriculum was published in May 2015.


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