Nebraska 3rd Lowest in Underemployment

Two economic trends reports released today show the upper Great Plains states continue to lead the nation in economic vitality. First, the Feds have released February job numbers and the news is GOOD. 192,000 new private sector jobs were added in February, with January and December jobs figures revised upward. NPR has the report here.

Gallup also has some excellent underemployment news for Nebraska: we’re 3rd lowest in the nation. “Underemployed Americans are generally those who are not working to their desired capacity. Gallup considers respondents to be “underemployed” if they are either 1) unemployed or 2) employed part time (under 30 hours per week) and wish to be employed full time.”

We continue to document positive news not just for Nebraska, but our area as well. One of our local employers, Green Plains Renewable Energy, has released their end-of-year earnings and they are sharply *up* in profits. It’s a good time to be in Nebraska, especially rural Nebraska.

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