Nebraska Internship Program Website Launches

One reason I’ve enjoyed working in economic development in Nebraska has been the state’s insistence on funding a strong economic development incentives program, regardless of the recession, national deficit ridiculousness and default debate. Nebraska understands that new programs must be created to ensure new economic growth. One specific bill that is now law has launched a website to help with talent grooming in the state: the Nebraska Internship Program. The Governor’s office has the skinny – if you are a local business interested in using this program, don’t hesitate to contact us at VCED (308-728-7875):

(Lincoln, Neb.) Gov. Dave Heineman today announced the launch of a new website which will link students and businesses interested in internship opportunities throughout the state. The Nebraska Internship Program is part of a four-part legislative package signed into law in May.

“The Nebraska Internship Program is an important component of Nebraska’s strategic economic plan,” said Gov. Heineman. “The Talent and Innovation Initiative is about enhancing technology and innovation, and assuring a technology-focused workforce for Nebraska companies. With this initiative, Nebraska has one of the strongest public policy strategies in place to advance business recruitment and development.”

The Talent and Innovation Initiative was a 2011 legislative priority for the Governor and introduced by several State Senators on his behalf. The initiative is aimed at advancing business innovation and strengthening workforce recruitment efforts in Nebraska. The Nebraska Internship Program provides $1.5 million a year in job training funds and combines it with matching funds from the private sector to encourage new internship opportunities across Nebraska.

Nebraska is the only state to offer a Nebraska Internship Program like this effort. This effort is expect to create at least 500 new internships annually in Nebraska.

The program began on June 1. Currently, 79 businesses have applied for Intern Nebraska funding. 45 businesses are approved and now participating in the program. Nearly $640,000 of the $1.5 million available in funding is currently committed.  Funding has been allocated to a diverse group of businesses.

Thirty-one qualified businesses are in rural Nebraska and 14 businesses are in urban parts of our state.  Approximately 38 qualified businesses are still looking to hire around 124 interns as of today.

Department of Economic Development Director Richard Baier said, “We expect the InternNE website to become the premier location for publicizing high-quality, paid internships across Nebraska for students and business owners alike. InternNE is a win-win for students seeking valuable business experience to further shape their future careers, as well as business owners who are focused on developing quality workforces to meet the demands of our vastly changing global economy.”

On, students can search for a paid internship, where businesses can post internship openings. According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers, more than 50 percent of interns are offered and accept full-time employment.

Students seeking a paid internship are invited to register on the site and then apply directly for any number of available internships. Other useful resources, including resume writing and tips for interviewing are available on the website.

Additional information on the Nebraska Internship Program is available online at


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