News from the Valley

The year 2011 is here!  Find out what is happening in January in our monthly newsletter which can be found here.  In this month’s report, read about:

– Valley Cinema Renovation
– Microsoft Workshop
– Ord Option Results
– Business Open Houses and Ribbon Cuttings
– Central Community College’s Leadership Development Series
– Microenterprise Tax Credits

2 Responses to “News from the Valley”

  1. Heloise C. Bresley Says:

    I just went online to find Scott’s TV and didn’t find them. I’ll stop at the store tomorrow and tell them my problem and that I couldn’t find them online. If you can help them accomplish that, it would be appreciated. -Heloise

  2. ord-editor Says:

    Many of our downtown business are without a web presence. This is a huge concern for us because it limits their ability to be competitive in the 21st Century. I have a feeling their business model may be changing – a youth injection is helping make that happen!

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