Normal Roasting Co. Competing for “America’s Best Espresso”

(Ord, Nebraska) – The Normal Roasting Company, specialty coffee roasters based in Ord, Nebraska, have once again been invited to compete for America’s Best Espresso in St. Louis, MO.  The competition will take place at Coffee Fest from May 30-June 2.  The field includes a total of 16 roasters selected throughout the central region of the United States.  The competition will feature head to head battles judged by a panel of baristas who will assess the espresso’s flavor complexity, mouth feel and appeal, and aftertaste. The winner advances to the next round with the Championship being held on June 2.  The Normal Roasting Company will again be the only roaster representing Nebraska.

The Normal Roasting Company was founded in Normal, Illinois in 2011 and relocated to Ord, Nebraska in 2012.  They supply fresh roasted specialty coffee to clients throughout Nebraska, Colorado, and Illinois.  Roaster, Kelly Kreger takes an artisan’s approach to carefully roast each batch to its full potential. Every batch of coffee is roasted to order and shipped the following day.

Kelly’s father, Dr. Thomas Rikli, kindled Kelly’s pursuit of coffee roasting.  He is an avid espresso enthusiast who recently attended private barista training in Seattle, WA.  He will be serving as the Normal Roasting Company’s barista for the competition.

The Normal Roasting Company

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