November Chamber Spotlight: American Family Insurance- Justin Thompson Agency, Inc.

In a small rural town, it’s easy to get in the mindset that we already know everyone and everything.  The number of buildings in the business district are limited, so it’s easy to remember what business is where right? We drive by them on our daily, yet short, commute to work.  We mention them as points of reference when giving directions to newcomers or visitors.  We use the big, beautiful historic buildings as backdrops for moments in our lives, such as senior pictures or engagement photos.  But do we really know what goes on inside?  While the brick walls and store fronts are what contributes to our community’s beauty, it’s what’s on the inside that keeps it vibrant!

One of those often looked over buildings is a location hard to miss and home to an important business not just for Ord, but for the region.  Inside the historic building on the corner of 16th and L Street is American Family Insurance- Justin Thompson Agency, Inc.  American Family Insurance has been a part of the Ord business community for almost 25 years.  This business was purchased by Justin Thompson, who has been with American Family Insurance since 2008, in September of 2015.  Inside you will find excellent customer service, provided by Erin Philbrick and Amber Mentzer.  Erin, a born and raised Ord native, has been with American Family Insurance since 2006.  Amber, a transplant from Omaha, joined the team in 2018.  To American Family Insurance- Justin Thompson Agency, insurance is more than just matching policy to purchaser.  This team takes pride in their customer service and building relationships with everyone who walks in their door.  They offer a full line of insurance products and the knowledge to get you the coverage you need.  Erin, Amber and Justin are fully licensed and able to assist you with your Life, Auto, Home, Business and Farm/Ranch insurance not only in Ord, but all over Nebraska Kansas, Colorado, South Dakota and Arizona. In looking to the future, this team is excited about continuing to adapt to meet their customers where they are in their lives in order to meet their needs. 

American Family Insurance- Justin Thompson Agency, Inc. understands and fully embraces the sense of community that comes with doing business in Ord.  Supporting that community is of great importance to them.  To Justin, along with his wife Missy and three children, supporting community is vital for everyone’s growth.  To Erin, it’s about celebrating and uplifting the place where she grew up.  To Amber, it’s about growing the place she raises her young boys.  

So next time you drive by Downtown or capture a moment of life by the brick wall, don’t just see the building.  See customer service.  See community support.  See American Family Insurance- Justin Thompson Agency, Inc. 

To stay up to date with this local business, visit their website or Facebook page.  To learn more about all their offerings, call (308) 728-3080 or visit their office at 105 S 16th Street in Ord.  You can also listen to Justin Thompson share more on the importance of Life Insurance on The Chamber Connection Podcast, Episode 14: Protecting People’s Dreams.

Enjoy this clip from Episode 14: Protecting People’s Dreams.

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