October Chamber Spotlight- Riverside Physical Therapy, LLC.

“The greener the setting, the deeper the relief.”  It’s hard to ignore the healing power of nature when you’re looking out at the beautiful North Loup River.  Its even harder to ignore that healing when you’re looking at that scenery while you spend time with the qualified physical therapists at Riverside Physical Therapy. 

Christy Peterson first opened Riverside Physical Therapy in January of 2012.  This rural business began as a way for Christy to continue her passion for helping others heal while caring for her husband Keith, who was diagnosed with ALS.  Christy quickly assembled an amazing team, including Mindy Hackel as office manager and Michael Salerno, a PT out of Omaha who drove to Ord weekly to help see patients and share his administrative experience that would help get the new practice going.  In 2014, Betty Wheeler joined the team, allowing Mike to return to his practice in Omaha.  Today, Betty and Christy are joined by Traci White, office manager, and their newest team member and Christy’s daughter, Katie Hedlund, DPT. 

Riverside Physical Therapy is not just a small business in a unique setting though.  This rural business offers some big city amenities.  Riverside is a Certified Postural Restoration Center, which means these professionals have advanced training in seeking the true cause of pain through the understanding that the body functions differently on the right and left sides, and that often the area of pain is influenced by other areas of the body that are not moving correctly. This revolutionary approach utilizes personalized repositioning and breathing techniques along with non-traditional exercise and hands-on techniques that work quickly to restore an optimal position and environment for muscle relaxation and pain relief. The therapists at Riverside also want to ensure you are comfortable in all settings, including work, which is why they recently received specialization in Ergonomics, as well as Dry Needling and Cupping.  “We specialize in treating foot pain, and partner with podiatrist Dr Coffin out of South Sioux City, Nebraska,” said Christy.  Dr. Coffin fabricates foot orthotics that are casted in Ord and Christy and her team have specialized training to adjust your orthotics in their office in order to meet your needs immediately.

“We believe that a solid understanding of what is happening in all areas of the body allows us to truly determine the cause of the injured site. For example, we may need to treat a foot or pelvis region to handle chronic headache pain. This is why we spend valuable time assessing every detail of function and movement,” stated Christy.  The team at Riverside Physical Therapy treat all types of injuries though, including back, neck, shoulder, hip, knee, headaches, dizziness, foot pain, ergonomics, pelvic floor and so much more.  

Christy and her team are not settling for this long list of specialties though.  They are continually learning new and state of the art ways to treat patients.  They care not only about your healing, but also your fitness journey.  Riverside is receiving advanced training to assist athletes of any age as they move to their next step of strengthening and conditioning, whatever that step may be.   This will complement any treatment plan and prevent injury for individuals seeking to begin a program. Katie Hedlund will soon be bringing a specialty of Women’s Health that will complement Riverside’s current pelvic floor and pelvic balancing treatment programs, for aging women, and pre- and post-partum patients.

Christy is thrilled that what she believed would be a temporary business has found its permanent home outside of Ord along the North Loup River.  This is not only because patients enjoy the benefits of the healing scenery, but also because of the excellent business community in Ord.  Christy and her team understand that providing services locally allows their patients to achieve optimal success.  This is why they collaborate with local experts including physicians, dentists, optometrists, shoe fitters, coaches, pharmacists and more to achieve the best possible outcome.  To the experts at Riverside Physical Therapy, rural does not mean remote.     

October is National Physical Therapy Month, which is why Christy and her team are encouraging those experiencing pain to try out one of their many early intervention programs to get ahead of it before it wears your body down.  These programs include:

Dry needling:  an innovative technique used in the treatment of pain and movement impairments. Use of acupuncture needles are used to treat local trigger points, scar tissue and painful areas.  This service, combined with exercises and other modalities, can help patients recover from injury or surgery, relieve pain, and help muscles relax more quickly.

Lifestyle and fitness: In our busy world we understand the need of “making your life an exercise”.  Riverside incorporates exercises and techniques to correct faulty movements that cause pain. However, they also teach you to improve movements and thereby exercise the correct muscles with your daily activities. You can also arrange a home visit from Riverside team members to assist with this. 

Strength and conditioning: important at any age. The team at Riverside is currently receiving advanced training to benefit this fitness population. 

Riverside Physical Therapy accepts most insurance, and also have self-pay rates, as well as Wellness options after treatments are complete.  For questions regarding insurance and billing, office manager Traci White has the answer.  To learn more about Riverside Physical Therapy, visit their website.  To book your appointment for healing, call (308) 728-4070.

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