Proposals Sought for Former City Hall Building

The Community Development Agency of the City of Ord is requesting proposals for redevelopment of the former City Hall located at 200 / 240 South 16th Street. A detailed Request for Proposals along with a complete Building Analysis can be viewed by CLICKING HERE.

The deadline for proposals is September 15, 2014. To submit a proposal or for inquiries contact Trevor Lee at 308.728-7875 or

Building Summary

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This two-story brick building retains a high degree of historic integrity and is an excellent example of city hall buildings constructed during the early twentieth-century that combined several public services under one roof. The buildings’ exceptional condition is due in large part to being consistently occupied and maintained since its construction in 1921. Both buildings have modern upgrades to mechanical, plumbing, and electrical systems. Most windows are single pane but stable, and wall/ceiling finishes are mostly intact and easily repairable.

The basement has most recently been used as storage and public meeting spaces. The first floor has been used for offices, meeting space, and vehicle parking. The two building property lines are breached in several places, effectively joining the two buildings in use. The second floor is accessible by two separate stairs.


Enlarged Area

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These buildings are on a side lot, providing an area for the development of a second egress from the second floor and an accessible entrance for 1st floor retail. This also provides maximum off street parking. The second basement egress provides the necessary egress for use of the basement. There are three 3 large garage doors in a single bay as well as 2 smaller garage doors with a private entrance.  There is dedicated second floor access along with an existing centralized chase. The majority of original trim and details remain intact as well as historic windows and openings. Sufficient upgrades have been made for the previous use. Additionally, the buildings are separated (seal and fire rated, per code).These historically significant buildings are in good to excellent condition with minimal signs of stress and age.


To help ensure the feasibility of this development, Valley County Economic Development and the City of Ord are prepared to provide financial resources and incentives for the redevelopment of these buildings, including but not limited to low-interest loans, 0-interest facade improvement loans, and forgivable loans for real-estate. For information on these and other resources, CLICK HERE.


The City of Ord was generously gifted a former church building. Because the Volunteer Fire Department had already moved into its recently constructed a $1.3 million fire hall, and because the space and technology needs of City staff has grown alongside our community, the City of Ord determined the best course of action was to remodel the gifted building utilizing local resources and the skills of current employees. In 2013, the City officially moved into its newly remodeled City Hall and Police Station.

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