Youth Activities

Good times for young minds

Ord Pee Wee BaseballPlenty of fun can be found in Ord for youth. Here you’ll find a comprehensive listing of area activities for youth.  In Ord, youth can enjoy a variety of sports, arts, agricultural and musical activities to name a few.  If you don’t see a program or activity that interests you, create something!

  1. 4-H
    • University of Nebraska – Central Nebraska Extension
      4-H serves youth through a variety of methods including organized clubs, school-enrichment groups, special interest groups, individual study programs, camps, school-age child care programs, and instructional television programs. For boys and girls ages 5 to 18. Contact Kayla Hinrichs at (308) 728-5071 or visit them online here.
  1. Dance
  1. Gymnastics
    • Ord Gymnastics
      A place to learn basic tumbling, balance beam, uneven bars, vault, and trampoline skills. Contact Bobbie Hill at (402) 802-5048.
  1. Music & Performing Arts
    • The Golden Husk
      The Golden Husk Performing Arts Theatre helps to cultivate a creative community by offering a space for community theatre auditions, rehearsals and performances, bringing the Missoula Children’s Theatre to our area and a host of other performing arts opportunities. The Golden Husk on Facebook |  Contact The Golden Husk at (308) 730-8133.
  1. Organized Sports
    • Girls Basketball
      Contact Kenton Tennal at (785) 477-0074.
    • Girls Volleyball
      Contact Jennifer Remmereid
    • Boys Basketball
      Contact Nick Gates at (308) 219-1088.
    • Bowling
      Contact Longhorn Lanes in Burwell at (308) 346-4483 or Nicki Green with the Burwell USBC Bowling Association at (308) 750-1502. Burwell USBC Bowling Association on Facebook
    • Boxing
      The mission of the Ord Boxing Club is to provide our members with the skills, strength, and knowledge to set and obtain their goals. We are committed to helping you reach your fitness or competition goals in a motivational, inspirational and non-judgmental atmosphere. We will inspire you to change your life by becoming more physically active. Ord Boxing Club on Facebook | Contact Dustin Claypool at (308) 730-2998.
    • Football (Boys Grades 3-6)
      Contact Nate Wells.
    • Girls Softball
    • Boys Baseball and Tee-Ball
      Dennis & Laurie Hruza at (308) 728-7653.
    • American Legion Baseball (For boys ages 15-19)
    • PeeWee Wrestling
      Contact Joan Shellhase at (308) 728-3148.
  1. Outdoor Sports
    • Archery (4-H – Bow Hunter Education)
      Contact Jeff Breitkreutz at (308) 346-4481.
    • Fishing (at Aubles Pond in Ord)
    • Hunter Safety & Education (For boys and girls 12 years and older)
      Contact Bob Sevenker at (308) 728-3371.
    • Trap Shooting, Skeet, Fishing (at Karp and Krow)
      Contact Tanner Hackel.
  1. Quilting
    • Quilts N More
      Contact Diane Marie at (308) 728-7814.
  1. Reading Programs
    • Ord Township Library
      The Ord Township Library offers a Summer Reading Program, Story Time and other activities to encourage reading for children of all ages. Ord Township Library on Facebook | Contact the Ord Township Library at (308) 728-3012
  1. Scouts
    • Boy Scouts
      Contact Bernie Glos at (308) 728-7990.
    • Cub Scouts
      Contact Nathan Flessner at (308) 728-1493.
    • Girl Scouts
      Contact Christy Hruza at (308) 728-7605.
  1. Skating
    • Rollerblading
      Hike/Bike Trail at Auble’s Pond in Bussell Park. Contact Ord City Offices at (308) 728-5791.
    • Rollerskating
      North Loup Roller Skating Rink. Contact Carrie Hansen at (308) 496-4362
    • Skateboarding
      Skate Park at 17th & P in Ord. Contact Ord City Offices at (308) 728-5791.
  1. Summer Activities
    • Frisbee Golf (course located in Bussell Park)
      Contact Ord City Offices at (308) 728-5791
    • Golfing
      Contact the Ord Golf Club at (308) 728-3970.
    • Hike & Bike Trail (at Aubles Pond)
      Contact Ord City Offices at (308) 728-5791.
    • Summer Reading Program
      Contact the Ord Township Library at (308) 728-3012.
    • Summer Recreation Program
      Contact the Ord City Office at (308) 728-5791.
    • Swimming
      For information on the Ord Swimming Pool, contact Ord City Offices at (308) 728-5791.
    • Tennis
      Tennis courts at Bussell Park. For more information, contact Ord City Offices at (308) 728-5791.
  1. Tennis
    • Tennis Courts (at Bussell Park in Ord)
  1. Video Arcade
    • Trotter’s Whoa & Go Express
      Hwy 11, Ord
      (308) 728-7877
  1. Water Sports
    • Boating, Windsurfing, Waterskiing, Fishing & Camping
      Calamas Reservoir – Burwell
      Davis Creek Reservoir – North Loup
      Sherman Reservoir – Loup City
    • Canoeing, Tubing and Tanking
      Anderson Island, North Loup River
      Get Tanked, Cedar River
      Contact the Valley County Tourism office at (308) 728-7875.
    • Fishing (at Aubles Pond in Ord)
    • Swimming
      For information on the Ord Swimming Pool, contact Ord City Offices at (308) 728-7779.
  1. Youth Mentoring
    • Teammates
      Contact Rebecca Vanek at (308) 728-3241.