Putting Your Best Foot Forward

If you’ve been paying attention to Ord’s online presence for awhile, you’ll notice we’ve put a lot of resources in bring up the quality of photos and digital media found around  Amateurs and professional photographers alike (along with a few of our own submissions) have helped us build a solid portfolio of photos that really showcases the Good Life we have here in Valley County.

One thing that I’ve noticed over the past two years is the fact that  digital cameras have made the art of photography much more egalitarian.  The ability for just about anyone to pick up a camera and start shooting, with quality results, has never been better.  Never was that more apparent that with our summer photo contest.  This past year we received over 50 photo entries during the summer months.  That’s amazing!  Those photos that you sent in, which showcase the different aspects of life in the Loup Valley, go a long way in helping us showcase the amazing place that we have – our land, our wildlife, our way of life and our people.

Winter in Ord

Winter in Ord - Aubles Walking Trail (photo by Tim O'Brien)

So, please – keep those photos coming!  We’ll showcase your photos on the blog and throughout our online web efforts.  We’ve received quite a few compliments on our website; a great big reason for the kudos given is due to the quality of work that you, the viewing public, has helped us create.

Remember, we’ll be having our monthly Photography Club meeting tomorrow night.  No need to sign-up, just show up and bring a photo or three for a critique.  We’d love to have all that can attend.  Finally, another local group you might check into if you’re interested in the visual arts is Ord’s Artisimmo’s.  This Art Club can be contacted by calling Robert Mohler at (308) 728-7017.

We hope you can make the meeting tomorrow night.  You can find Ord’s photo gallery (built with your help) over at Flickr here.

WinterFest 2010 in Downtown Ord

WinterFest 2010

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