Re-Pioneering the Loup Valley

Unique jewelry, an expanded clothing line, original artwork and so much more continue being provided at CinTrese Boutique. Co-owners of the boutique Cindy “Cin” Struckman and Teresa “Trese” Lange are in their second year of providing customers with a one-of-a-kind experience. In recent months and through combined interests and skills, they have found a way to fill even more of their patrons needs by providing more engagement ring sets, items for wedding registries, ladies apparel, furnishing art from local artists, hosting events and equipping CinTrese Boutique with gifts for every occasion.

“We’re in rural Nebraska,” Lange said. “All of our products are meant to facilitate the needs of our customers.” Lange added that she and Struckman started a business here because they believe in the area. This area is home to them. They hope that offering unique items and gifts which compliment an individual’s style and class makes shopping at CinTrese Boutique the ultimate experience.

“We couldn’t think of a better place to start a business than here in Ord Nebraska,” they added.

CinTrese Boutique is located in the Northwest corner of Ord's square at 1538 L Street.

CinTrese Boutique is located in the Northwest corner of Ord’s square at 1538 L Street.

The pair, who have experience on the Ord Chamber of Commerce board of directors, added that their family, the community and local businesses have been assets to their burgeoning business. “We don’t want to carry the same things as other local businesses,” Struckman said. Lange agreed by adding, “We just want to work together, because if everyone works together we can fulfill all of the needs of the customers in our community.”

CalloutStruckman and Lange have been longtime friends and co-workers. Struckman managed Valley County Health Systems Rehab Department and Lange was an Administrative Assistant at Valley County Health Systems, for about 14 years. Becoming business partners seemed like the next step. “It captures our personality, we enjoy people,” Lange said. Struckman agreed before saying, “We love to care for people, here we get to care for them in a different way.”

For years, Struckman and Lange shared their enthusiasm about owning their own business that would incorporate fine jewelry and fashion and everything in between. All the pair needed was an opportunity. So when the venue at 1538 L St. in Ord became available, their enthusiasm and Lange’s husband gave them all the encouragement they needed to make the leap from dreamers to business owners. “He said you’re running out of somedays,” Lange added.

“Teresa started talking about it,” Struckman said. “I texted her one day and said do you want a partner?”

In the midst of wedding season, Lange said she, Struckman and their two employees Carla Timmerman (an experienced jeweler) and Ali Smith (a junior at Ord High School) stay busy helping patrons and providing the recently engaged with an original wedding experience. “Weddings are specific and individual to the couple,” Lange noted, “We are honored to be a part of it.”

Carla Timmerman, left, and Ali Smith, right, display some of the unique items available at CinTrese.

Carla Timmerman, left, and Ali Smith, right, display some of the unique items available at CinTrese.

She and Struckman are building upon what they already provide couples with for their special day by inviting couples to choose a one of a kind rings made from Finelli Designs. “They are just gorgeous,” Struckman said. “Come see us, because we can find you that ring.” Finelli jewelry is designed for those who want a quality, unique and custom-fit wedding band. CinTrese Boutique offers about 40 rings in house and has a catalog with more than 150 styles available for customers to choose from. “Couples choose how the ring is mounted, the cut, clarity and carat weight,” she said. “Once a style number is chosen here it is never ordered here again. We want your wedding band to be one of a kind.”

CinTrese022After a ring is chosen, newly engaged couples can register at the boutique during an evening of appetizers and beverages hosted by Struckman and Lange and meant to create wedding registries that are displayed in CinTrese’s storefront. “Those who register here commonly get ¾ of what they register for,” she added. Once registries are chosen, a shelf inside the boutique displaying items on the couple’s wish lists are available for friends and family. While wedding gifts are chosen and purchased Lange and Struckman put advertisements announcing engagements in the local paper.

While wedding related items are an important component of CinTrese’s inventory, it is not the sole focus of their business. Since opening their doors on October 24, 2014, Struckman and Lange have expanded their ladies apparel from one to 14 clothing companies women can now choose from. The provided garments include, newborn to 5T and ladies apparel small to 3XL. Even though summer is far from over, employees have already received some fall inventory and anxiously awaits the rest. “This fall there will be a nice selection,” Lange replied. “All available attire is practical, pretty, comfy and versatile.”

On top of the expanded wardrobe selection, the ladies provide their customers with a new spacious dressing room. While waiting for shopping partners to find the perfect fit, employees invite customers to enjoy beverages like water, lemonade and cider.

On top of the mainstream items they already offer and plan to soon have for sale, Struckman and Lange have added to their local artists inventory. Their newest additions are from high school students and include airbrushed fishing lures and greeting cards. These items are sold alongside items made by Kevin Drake, of Comstock, who produces benches made of cedar, oak and iron, along with Urban Chic-A Twist of New, of Arcadia, that takes something old and puts a new, fun twist to it.

“We love working with local artists and well-known ones,” they noted.


CinTrese Boutique also offers a variety of items that include but are not limited to: fine leather Hobo purses, swimsuit cover ups, summer dresses, flip flops, an expanded jewelry line that includes fine gems, costume and a wedding showcase. The venue also offers watch battery replacement and jewelry repair thanks in part to CinTrese Boutique Store Manager Carla Timmerman. “Carla is an experienced jewelry repair associate and if we can not fix or repair jewelry in house we will work with our Gold Smith who does excellent repair work,” Lange added.

“We try and think about gifts, any kind of gift and fill that need,” Struckman said.

They are careful to add that the price of items vary and start at a few dollars because they want CinTrese Boutique to accommodate everyone regardless of their socioeconomic status. Lange noted how she and Struckman are always bringing new items to the boutique and how three more home decor companies have recently been added to the 12 companies already made available at CinTrese.

Timmerman and Smith, are just as enthusiastic as the owners are about finding the perfect gift or fit for customers from the community or out-of-town during business hours.

“You can find any kind of gift for any kind of occasion here,” Smith noted. “It’s so much fun putting a smile on someone’s face.”

After hours, CinTrese Boutique often hosts events showcasing men, women and various holidays. Along with food and beverages, customers are given a chance to divulge their wants by filling out wish lists their significant others are able to view at a later time and find the perfect gift for them. These evening events are regularly advertised and provide patrons with discounts they would otherwise not be aware of. Lange encourages those interested in the after hours celebrations to watch local publications like the Ord Quiz, V-103.9 or for more information.

Struckman and Lange frequently find themselves at the venue or nearby to help whenever and wherever needed. Those interested in setting up an appointment with the owners during or after business hours should call CinTrese Boutique (308) 728-5741, or find them on Facebook. They encourage patrons to stop in or call because that is what they are there for and why they started their business.

“Some of the things we’ve had to endure in our life has made us flexible and strong, which is what CinTrese means,” Lange said. “We can adapt, change and adhere.”

Struckman agreed by saying. “If we don’t have what customers need we’ll sure work to try and get it”

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