Rural Futures Institute

The Rural Futures Institute (RFI) is working to establish itself as a statewide catalyst for economic prosperity in rural Nebraska. RFI will be hosting its second annual Rural Futures conference in November and we are excited to announce that Valley County will have a strong presence at the event. The theme for the 2013 gathering is “Beyond Boundaries” and encourages us to step beyond our boundaries and work together to create positive rural futures.

Communities across the state have had the opportunity to submit questions to be featured at the conference. Those selected by RFI will send community stakeholders to showcase their question with the goal of connecting faculty, students and other partners to address the challenges unique to each community. Six questions were submitted from our office and Valley County Health System Foundation. Five were selected and approximately 12 representatives from Valley County, ranging from farmers to young professionals, will be showcasing these questions in Lincoln on November 4th.

Below are the thoughtful and engaging questions selected from Valley County.

  1. How can agricultural based communities partner with RFI to better identify and promote entrepreneurial opportunities that target young farmers/ranchers who have a need for additional resources and a desire to farm/ranch?
  2. How can a progressive community with ample skilled and professional workforce opportunities establish partnerships to aggressively recruit new talent and provide rural relocation incentives?
  3. How can people involved in rural development programs avoid duplication of effort?
  4. How can rural communities facilitate partnerships that empower and encourage sustainable local funding mechanisms to support local growth and development?
  5. In what ways do you encourage greater awareness of personal health within rural communities?

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