Sandhills Turf Pro – March 2017 Chamber Spotlight

Meet Klay Kasselder, an energetic, young entrepreneur who believes in offering customers’ quality services and strives to achieve high customer satisfaction with his business, Sandhills Turf Pro, a Toro underground sprinkler company that provides complete lawn care in the Ord and Sandhills area.

Klay has been a part of Beaver Valley Irrigation, a family-owned business in Ericson, Nebraska that sells and services Valley Irrigation Systems. “There I learned how to run a service based business…how to track time, how to keep inventory but mainly how to deal with individuals in a timely fashion and always have a good attitude on the job.” Logo 2

Klay also has many years of experience in the landscaping and lawn care fields while working in college in Lincoln. “There I learned many of the aspects that go into lawn care from yard maintenance programs to sprinkler repair; mostly on how to work efficiently while doing good work, and treating properties with proper respect.”

“I hope through good customer service, competitive pricing and with the wide variety of services that we offer we will be able to fit the needs of many, and grow our clientele accordingly.”

Klay believes his three-month-old business will not only represent himself, but also his community. “Ord is a high quality town that puts a lot of effort into maintaining and improving upon itself.  They are not scared to invest into something that they are proud of.  I feel the exact same way about my new business and want to come in and have a positive impact on the Ord community. In my 7 years back in the Sandhills area, I have found there is a growing demand in helping the older generation of people in the area and sometimes they don’t know where to look for help.  I would like to be there to help them.”


When asked about his beliefs about buying local, Klay illustrated not only its importance but how he practices what he preaches. “Buying local is a huge part to any community.  You get out what you put in, especially as a business owner.  If I don’t give business to the town, then why should they support my business?  It’s like the “Golden Rule” applied to business. For example, after my first full day of business I plan to grill a steak that I bought from Ace at the Ord Locker, while drinking a nice cold glass of Hot Iron Wheat that I bought from Scratchtown while wearing a shirt I had custom made from Misko Sports. I’ll see if my uncle and cousin at Dworak Paint & Body want to join most likely.  If I chip a tooth on the T-bone, I’ll be sure to visit Noah Piskorski and have him fix me up.  At the end of the day, hopefully you’re doing business with friends.”

Learn more about Sandhills Turf Pro from their Facebook page or get in touch with Klay by calling (308) 201-0168.

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