Seeking Context for Rural Community Revitalization

How do rural community leaders successfully instigate community betterment that is sustainable long-term? I get asked that often with our work here at Valley County Economic Development. I think the two videos I’ve embedded below offer great insight into that proposition.

First, a video from the FuturesGame talks about context versus content within rural community development. The point the speaker makes about how the environment is primed for the content of rural development is critical. The question is posed: “what contextual environment are we framing as community leaders within our work in rural communities?” What is our capacity for CHANGE. Ah, that scary word: CHANGE. The 15 minute video is well worth your time:

Second, Dr. Ronnie Green of the University of Nebraska Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources offers his insights into the conversation coming out of the Rural Futures Institute. His comments share a key attribute from the prior video: change. How do we develop a new vision for rural community through the lens of constant change?

What is our willingness, as rural community leaders, to accept change as one of the key motivators of growth? Without that contextual relationship with change, I’m of the belief revitalization won’t happen. What say you?

Change is the only constant we can rely upon. Ride the wave of change or drown beneath it. ~ Caleb

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