Students Jump Into School-to-Work at Ord High School

The first week of school is always filled with housekeeping items – curriculum overviews, icebreaker activities, schedule reviews. All the things necessary to prepare for a successful semester. The same is true for the 14 seniors taking part in School-to-Work at Ord High School this semester.

If you follow our Facebook and Instagram pages, you’ve probably noticed updates about the students’ three prep sessions that helped them prepare for not only their School-to-Work experience but for their future opportunities to enter the workforce.

Their first prep session with Kayla Hinrichs with Nebraska Extension gave them valuable tips on how to develop their resumes and cover letters. They discovered strategies for communicating their transferable skills like problem solving, customer relations, leadership and team collaboration in powerful ways that will stand out on their resumes and set them apart from other applicants for future career opportunities.


During their second prep session, Crystal Ramm, Manager of the Central Community College Ord Learning Center, put their soft skills and ability to collaborate to the test with The Marshmallow Challenge. Teams were challenged to build the tallest tower with a few simple materials – spaghetti noodles, one yard of masking tape, one yard of string and one marshmallow. The challenge demonstrated the value of both hard and soft skills that employers look for when hiring.

The third and final prep session during the first week of School-to-Work was led by Jodi Sell with Glow Leadership. Jodi helped the students discover their strengths and values and led thought-provoking discussion about how their passions can lead to a fulfilling career.

The Ord Area Chamber of Commerce and Valley County Economic Development are involved in the placement process of School-to-Work students, matching students’ interests and desired career paths with local businesses in that industry.

The program provides local businesses the opportunity to develop relationships with youth who will hopefully return to the community one day to join the local workforce or start a business of their own.

Throughout the past few years, both students and businesses have benefited from this dynamic program. Read what they had to say.

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