Support Community Vitality in Valley County

Valley County Economic Development, the brain-trust (and muscle) behind just about everything you see, read and hear on this website, is asking you for your financial support in 2011.

The future of rural communities rests on the ability to collaborate on projects, programs and methodology that produces viable rural communities that compete in a global 21st Century marketplace.  How can you help to ensure that reality?  By supporting VCED, your financial contribution supports community vitality.  VCED has produced ten years of results that has positioned Ord and Valley County to reap the rewards of a changing economic paradigm.

New Neighborhoods Groundbreaking

How? Let our results speak for us – in 2010 alone, Valley County Economic Development accomplished these vital projects:
– Successful launch of (55,000 pageviews in 7 months!!!)
– Successful groundbreaking of $9.4 million New Neighborhoods Housing Development
– $300,000 REDL&G Grant won for Valley County Courthouse Renovations
– $250,000 CDBG Owner Occupied loan funds fully allocated and awarded for community housing rehabilitation
– $25,000 JOBS Grant won
– $68,000 in sales tax funds loaned to local businesses
– Production of 2011 ESCAPE to Loup Valley Travel Guide

Valley County Courthouse Renovations Ribbon Cutting

Our community collaboration has been successful and infectious.  Our programs are emulated around the country by communities similar to us.  They also help garner attention for our little slice of the Good Life as well.  Ord and Valley County’s work has been mentioned in over 20 different publications that include national, regional and state news coverage in:
– Silicon Prairie News: Silicon Prairie News testifies on behalf of Nebraska Innovation Act
– Omaha World Herald: Encourage economic potential of rural entrepreneurs
– ReImagine Rural – Pumping Sunshine: the Ord, NE way
– Valley County Sets New Paradigm for Growth
– Center for Rural Affairs Newsletter: REAP Helps Small Rural Businesses Grow
Association for Enterprise Opportunity
– KHAS-TV: Ord revitalizes itself with a fresh workforce.

Your tax deductible sponsorship helps to support the operations and staffing needs at VCED.  The staff, board and community partners are *essential* the accomplishment of these tasks.

Our sponsorship brochure can be downloaded here.  We hope you’ll consider supporting VCED and your community – the future of Ord and Valley County depends on you!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Caleb Pollard – Valley County Economic Development from Nebraska Entrepreneur on Vimeo.

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