Support Local Businesses with Ord Area ChamberBucks

Throughout the past several years, the Ord Area ChamberBucks program has grown into a sustainable method of ensuring local dollars are spent at local businesses.  In 2011, ChamberBucks sales exceeded $40,000.  This guarantees that money is staying in our community and supporting our local Chamber businesses.  With the success of the program, the Ord Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors made updates to the ChamberBucks policy in July 2011 and a new design has been released in May 2012.

The previous design (top) differs from the new design (bottom) in that the new design represents a personal check and states that ChamberBucks never expire.  Both designs will still be accepted at Chamber businesses.

Updates that were made to the ChamberBucks policy in July 2011 simplified the process for both customers and Chamber businesses.  ChamberBucks can be purchased at the Ord Area Chamber office in $5, $10, $20, or $50 denominations and are perfect for gifts, prizes, or employee bonuses.  ChamberBucks can be redeemed at any Ord Area Chamber business and are used just like a personal check.  The entire face value of the ChamberBuck must be spent on a transaction.  Change cannot be given if the total purchase is less than the face value of the ChamberBuck.  ChamberBucks recipients may exchange ChamberBucks for different denominations at the Ord Area Chamber office.

If you would like more information about ChamberBucks or a list of Chamber businesses where they can be redeemed, contact Kristina Volf at the Ord Area Chamber office: (308) 728-7875 or by email at

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