Support Yourself: Buy Local

(Ord, NE) – Buying Locally isn’t just warm fuzzies and teddy bears:  spending your earned dollars at local merchants directly improves your own quality of life.  The Ord Option, Valley County’s buy local campaign, has advocated for buying locally because those local dollars put taxes to good use, creates job opportunities, increases tourisms impact and contributes to a prosperous future for our community.

As a part of the Ord Option campaign, local businesses were asked to complete a survey about their contributions to and involvement with local organizations, charities, and community events. 33 businesses responded and the results were striking: approximately 41% of businesses donate over $1,000 in monetary donations annually to local organizations, charities, and events.  Approximately 35% donate over $1,000 in products and/or services.

Buying Locally means more dollars circulate in the business community, which in turn supports your personal interests.  When you support local business, they are able to support various organizations, charities, and events in your community.  Ultimately buying locally supports you.

The message is simple: think local, buy local, be local.

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