Team of Nonprofit Leaders Building our Philanthropic Culture

Valley County Philanthropic Partners~nonprofit organizations working with you for the betterment of Valley County!  Exceptional teamwork is the key to the success of any program or organization! The Valley County Philanthropic Partners works under this premise to build a strong culture of giving in Valley County. Nonprofit organizational leaders have a special opportunity to become members of this unique philanthropic team!

The Valley County Philanthropic Partners (VCPP) invite representatives from all nonprofit organizations to become active participants on the team to continue growing a thriving and sustainable culture of giving in Valley County, now and in the future! Join the VCPP for a meaningful experience in sharing ideas and resources, connecting with community, building close relationships with other leaders and learning powerful strategies for elevating your organization and our culture of giving.

Planning for the 2015-2016 season of philanthropic activities and the Big Give to Valley County event are underway and the VCPP encourages your participation in the VCPP/Big Give Kick-off Meeting on Wednesday, October 14th at 5:30 p.m. in the Central Community College-Ord Learning Center.

During the VCPP/Big Give Kickoff Meeting you will learn about the VCPP Social Compact, contribute to the Big Give action planning process, share ideas and experiences with other organizations and give your time and talents to enhance our philanthropic culture! The deadline for registering for the 2016 Big Give to Valley County is Wednesday, October 14th, 2015.

Over four years ago, nonprofit organizational leaders formed the networking council, Valley County Philanthropic Partners (VCPP). The VCPP is an at-will partnership among organizations dedicated to community development within Valley County. Since its formation, the VCPP has facilitated informative monthly meetings for nonprofit leaders, sponsored four philanthropic workshops and hosted three, incredible Big Give to Valley County-24 hour giving events! The 2015 Big Give event reaped over 445 donations yielding $72,000 in contributions to over 30 Valley County nonprofit organizations! Other high impact outcomes of the giving events include the engagement of numerous first time donors and volunteers, heightened awareness and appreciation of the valuable work of our nonprofit organizations, new partnerships among local nonprofits and external resources and the creation of private Big Give scholarships for area high school graduates.

Visit to learn more about the abundant opportunities to become an active team member of the VCPP, to list your nonprofit organization on the Get-Involved page and to register for the 2016 Big Give to Valley County! Help the VCPP elevate our culture of giving in Valley County by working together as a unified body for the greater good!  Together Everyone Achieves More!

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