The Big Give 2017 Produces Record-Setting Figures

In 2013, an informal network of non-profit leaders throughout Valley County created The Big Give as a way to build a culture of giving and gratitude. Now, five years later, that philanthropic culture and gratitude-focused mindset are permeating Valley County as illustrated by the results of The Big Give 2017. Final Thermometer Totals

This year’s event produced record-setting figures! During the 24-hours of giving, a total of 550 donations generated $95,944 which benefited the 26 Big Give organizations as well as other non-profit and charitable organizations throughout Valley County! Among the 550 donations, 157 represented first-time donors for organizations.

Donations will assist each organization in achieving their mission whether it is creating youth programs, honoring veterans or offering enjoyable entertainment in our community. In addition to the monetary donations received by participating organizations, the new and strengthened relationships with fellow non-profit leaders and donors also added priceless value to Big Give participants.

The annual Big Give event is also instilling a generous and purposeful philanthropic mindset among students in Valley County. Elementary students in Ord and Arcadia reflected on the question, “What is giving?” and created essays and posters that were used to spread the word about The Big Give. Ord High School also participated in a penny war which resulted in an entertaining sumo wrestling match among two OHS teachers. In conjunction with the penny war and other Big Give activities, students also pledged a total of 46 volunteer hours with various Big Give organizations!

Sumo Wrestling

In addition to the engagement and support from Valley County students, the Ord Quiz and MWB Broadcasting, dozens of local businesses throughout Valley County offered their support by providing a special promotion for customers who adorned their “I Gave Today” sticker during The Big Give.

Big Give Group

Big Give volunteers provide countless hours planning and preparing for The Big Give. Cumulatively, their efforts from the past five Big Give events have generated a total of $386,233 from 2,205 donations. The Big Give to Valley County is coordinated by the Valley County Philanthropic Partners (VCPP), a growing network of non-profit leaders throughout Valley County that gather to learn, share and grow on behalf of their non-profit organizations and the greater good of our county-wide community.


Arcadia Community Boosters: $1,106
Artissimos Art Club: $70
Avenue of Flags: $1,780
Central Community College Foundation – Ord Learning Center: $921
Central NE Farm Safety 4 Just Kids (FS4JK): $796
Friends of Fort Hartsuff: $915
The Golden Husk: $3,722
Greater Loup Valley Activities (GLVA): $337
Heartland Youth Ranch: $3,081
Helping Hands Ministry: $3,567
Loup Valley Ag Society Foundation (of the VCCFF): $830
Loup Valley Veteran’s Memorial: $1,015
North Loup Lions Club: $86
North Loup Popcorn Association: $740
Ord-Arcadia TeamMates Chapter: $849
Ord Flagpole Committee: $1,867
Ord Golf Course Foundation (of the VCCFF): $1,219
Ord Public Schools Foundation: $4,176
Ord Township Library Foundation: $2,411
Ord Township Library Endowment (of the VCCFF): $149
St. Mary’s Endowment Fund: $6,811
SynoVation Valley Leadership Academy (SVLA): $13,670
Valley County Community Foundation Fund (VCCFF): $33,817
Valley County Economic Development Endowment (of the VCCFF): $668
Valley County Health System Foundation: $6,160
VCHS Childhood Development Committee: $1,293
Valley County Ministerial Association: $745


Arcadia Ball Teams: $1
Arcadia Fire Department: $1,000
Arcadia Huskie Foundation: $1,020
Arcadia Legion: $1
Arcadia Public Schools: $2
Arcadia School Foundation Scholarship: $10
North Loup Scotia Community Theater: $10
Ord Fire Department: $300
Ord Food Pantry: $250
Senior Classics of Valley County: $50
Valley County Hospice: $500

Learn more about the 2017 Big Give organizations from The Big Give webpage. You can also follow The Big Give on Facebook.

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