Valley County Economic Development Board Meeting

The Valley County Economic Development Board will be meeting this evening, September 26th, at 7:00 pm at the ED office in Ord.  New business items include a recommendation for a community wellness center feasibility study and the results of the 2012 business visitation program which is conducted each year by VCED.

You can download the agenda for this evening’s meeting here and the minutes from the August meeting here.

2 Responses to “Valley County Economic Development Board Meeting”

  1. Sheri L Goodrich Says:

    Hi. what about the possibility of a volunteerism blog/group/site whatever you want to call it. I feel that there is an untapped resource of volunteers in the community county wide that would/could be involved, offer to help, etc. The barrier is identification from both sides: The group/project needs help but has burned through its direct members; this individual would like to engage but doesn’t know who, what, where to even begin. Eliminate the barrier with an added tab for a message board: “Concession stand is shorthanded on Tuesday evening, contact XXX.” The senior center needs XXX, contact xxx. The Saturday afternoon reader at the library called in sick, can anyone fill in? contact xxx.” Just a thought in our social media era.

  2. Ord Nebraska Says:

    Hi Sheri! The Get Involved page is a great resource for people who want to get involved in the community. It lists many organizations throughout Valley County where people can match their interests with volunteer opportunities. In terms of immediate volunteer needs/requests, The Big Give Facebook page is a great resource for people to post opportunities and needs.

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