Valley County Focus on Philanthropy

A newly formed networking committee named the Valley County Philanthropic Partners (VCPP) has been created as a means to bring local charitable organizations together.  This committee will give nonprofit organizations the opportunity to share ideas and resources, align fundraising events and campaigns, and promote charitable giving as a unified body for the greater good of the entire county!

Currently the Valley County Health Systems Foundation, Valley County Community Foundation Fund, Valley County Economic Development, Ord Township Library Foundation, Ord Golf Club Foundation, Ord-Arcadia TeamMates Chapter, Central Community College Foundation and Ord High School Foundation are participating in the VCPP.  Members of organizations throughout Valley County are welcome to join this partnership.

Right now the VCPP is working towards the following:
— Updating all contact and general information about local nonprofits, charities and service groups for the “Get Involved” Page:
— Creating a brochure which will list all charitable organizations that are involved with our committee.
— Publishing weekly philanthropic articles that will include general information about local charitable giving and features on local organizations.
— Communicating all events and progress being made by individual organizations throughout Valley County.
— Building a culture of giving by encouraging our citizens throughout Valley County to extend their time, talent, and treasure for the benefit of our entire community.

Long term Goals include:
— Organizing an annual Valley County Charitable Giving Day.
— Partnering with financial planners in the area to sponsor a charitable giving workshop for citizens on “Ways to Give Back to your Community”.
— Charitable organizations throughout Valley County are invited to participate in this partnership.  The VCPP is currently holding monthly meetings on the second Wednesday of the month at various locations throughout the county.  Cooperative participation from all nonprofits throughout Valley County would strengthen the group as a whole and benefit each organization through the goals accomplished.

Working together through a united partnership will reap great benefits for all of Valley County!  Watch for the Focus on Philanthropy column each week to learn more about the Valley County Philanthropic Partners and ways to give back to your community through time, talent, and treasure!

If you have any questions please contact Dahn Hagge, Coordinator of the Valley County Community Foundation Fund at 308-728-7875 or


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