VCED Exploring Child Care in Valley County

Child care is a critical component of livable communities and contributes to the overall quality of life for area residents. Accessible, affordable and quality child care benefits both parents and children while contributing to our local economy by supporting parents and local employers. Over the past several years, residents, employers, and elected officials have expressed the need for expanded child care and after school programming in Valley County. As a result, Valley County Economic Development (VCED) designated child care as a priority issue during their 2015-2016 Strategic Planning session.

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In order for VCED volunteers and staff to play a role in the solution, we need to have a solid grasp on the complexities of child care in Valley County. Beyond the basics, such as the number of licensed providers, their capacity, times of availability, etc. we need to understand what parents and providers are dealing with on a day-to-day basis. We received a great deal of feedback and found that those present were not critical of the current providers; all seemed very pleased with their providers but indicated a need for more child care capacity and after school programming.

In an effort to gain additional feedback, VCED invites parents of young children to fill out a brief survey on the matter, which can be found at HERE.  Information received will remain confidential and will be used solely for the purpose of assessing the conditions of child care in Valley County. Your feedback will help to guide us as we identify opportunities to ensure Ord remains an attractive home for existing and new residents, especially working parents with young children.

3 Responses to “VCED Exploring Child Care in Valley County”

  1. Sarah Zulkoski Says:

    Was not able to take survey. Page said error not found when I tried to click on link.

  2. Honey Lou Fauss Says:

    As a grandma with grandkids in the area, I definitely see a need for more daycare. Most families have 2 working parents nowadays and daycare definitely seems to be a problem in our area.

  3. Ord Nebraska Says:

    Thanks Sarah. That was my error. The issue has been fixed! ~Trevor

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