Watchable wildlife

Jim Mallman, President of Watchable Wildlife, Inc. will be traveling to Ord May 19th to present usable information for entrepreneurs, outfitters, landowners and municipalities for business development around wildlife watching.

Jim’s message is clear to our area residents who are interested in joining us on May 19th – “To Help Communities and Wildlife Prosper”.  Have a look at Jim’s message below:

“I am really excited about the three workshops we have scheduled for Nebraska. This offers Watchable Wildlife Inc. the opportunity to demonstrate the real power potential of Wildlife/Nature Tourism. Our objective in developing these workshops was not to take this message to regions of the country where tourism is already thriving.

There are certainly benefits to be gained in any community by implementing a Wildlife/Nature Tourism Program. However our key interest is to work with communities where tourism is not the first thing they think of when wrestling with the challenges of promoting economic development. We hope to provide regional planners, business owners and residences with some ideas on how this can be done while preserving and enhancing the area’s natural treasures, historical sites and quality of life.

By having a better understanding of exactly what you have to offer and just who your potential market is, you have a better idea of what steps need to be taken to promote your region. We all need to better understand the real value of our wildlife and wild areas if we hope to pass them on to future generations. The tendency is for us to take them for granted because we see them every day. In addition to providing us with a new potential economic base, these natural assets can give a community a stronger appreciation for where you live.”

If you have interest in joining us, you can register here.  We hope to see you in May!

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